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A customer relationship management software program, or CRM, is a very useful tool for a variety of industries. This software allows you to easily manage a large volume of interactions with your clients and communicate with them effectively. As with many other industries, there are specific CRM programs designed for mortgage planners and others within the financial services industry to simplify running a business. Using one of these programs will allow you to manage your customer data, automate sales, track leads, support customers, and more. This software will make it much easier to handle a large number of transactions consistently and stay in touch with your clients for better overall service. Here are some things that you should consider before deciding on a mortgage broker software program for your business.

Mobile Functionality

Let’s face it, you’re on the move all the time. Your job takes you somewhere new every day. Your phone IS your office, so it goes without saying, your CRM has to be mobile friendly.

In a time where instant gratification and communication is so desired, the capability of mobile support is more important than ever. Mobile functionality with your CRM will allow you to answer any questions or serve any request your customers may have regardless of where you might be. You will also be able to access your tasks, appointments, and customer contacts from anywhere so that you will always be prepared for anything you might have scheduled.

Integrate with Other Systems

Are you tired of updating the same data in different places, when you could be focused on driving your business? In this digital age, there are a variety of systems that you likely already have set up for your business. It’s important that these systems can work together to avoid any confusion. If the CRM that you purchase can’t integrate with your other systems, this could cause a great deal of time and effort to allow these systems to work together as needed.

Purchasing a system with this capability will allow you to avoid multiple set-ups or installations that otherwise would be required. The ability to have your CRM easily integrate with your other systems will allow you to easily set up the system and ensure that you don’t suffer from any downtime that could cost you money.

Some important integration to consider: Expert, Equifax, Email platform, website, social media and e-signature.

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Web Portal

Current and potential customers want to be able to easily interact with your company so anything that makes that easier is essential. A web portal will allow customers to post comments, make inquiries, file documents and retrieve other information with ease and without printing anything out. This will allow them to provide the information you need quickly so that you spend less time waiting on the customer.

The relationship with customers and handling a high volume of transactions are some of the most important aspects of a business. A mortgage CRM allows industry professionals to effectively communicate and serve their customers. Before purchasing a mortgage broker technology solution, ensure that the one you’re considering has these features. Contact Scarlett if you’re in the market for a mortgage CRM to assist your business.

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