Top Things to Consider in a Mortgage Broker CRM 3 years ago

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Managing customer relationship and your firm can be challenging. If you’re using a general purpose customer relationship management platform or spreadsheets, you’re probably running in circles or not reaching your businesses full potential.

To help grow your business and streamline your firm, mortgage CRM software can help you. But how do you know what to choose?

Starting Point

Whether you are a large office full of brokers or an individual just getting stated, your CRM software should include a few main items. The mortgage broker CRM software should be intuitive and powerful, easy to implement, be a reasonable price, keep customers and contacts organized, be an out of the box solution using modern automation to handle marketing and lead management, be customizable to your business, and be cloud-based for easy access. Your most important aspect to look for in your mortgage CRM is the software should help you grow your business.


The mortgage industry is a relationship industry at its core. Your CRM platform should help you deliver the customer service your clients have come to expect. Some traits to look out for that can assist with this relationship building include deal flow management, business intelligence and reporting, client document porta, email, contact and task synchronization, automatic digital communication, and tasks management. These types of items can help keep your team on track and keep the lines of communication between you and your client open.


A mortgage broker CRM can help you execute your marketing campaigns an grow your business. Create a website, include state of the art mortgage calculator, application capture, search engine optimization modules, integrate your social media, and leverage a content management interface all in one place. Marketing is a vital part of your business, and many do not have the time to commit or the means to outsource. Utilizing a CRM that simplifies your strategy can set you apart from your competition.

Buying a House

Point of Sale & Payroll

Many CRM software’s offer a variety of different features. Some important items that other platforms may not offer include payroll and commissions processing, loan and deal origination, and point of sale integration.

Streamlining and growing your business can be simplified through use of a mortgage broker CRM. Through building relationships with automated emails to marketing on your social media platforms, a CRM can give you the relief you need to find more business or handle more.  To learn more about what the pros say you should consider before choosing a CRM, visit Scarlett at

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